Top 3 Ways to Stay Connected to the Outdoor

Love the great outdoors? If you’re the type who would rather be hiking up a mountain or rafting down a river that controlling the remote, you know exactly what I mean. I’m always amazed when someone tells me their ideal vacation requires a hotel room with 100 channels on the remote. Give me a mountain view, or the sound of a rushing river and I’m in bliss.

The challenge is to stay connected to the calm and joy of nature when you can’t be in that ideal location. What if your life requires a city address, too-close neighbors, and daily chores that threaten to suck the energy right out of you?

Over the years, I’ve found some simple ways to sneak a little bit of the outdoors into my life, no matter where I am. OK- I can’t transplant a Redwood into my den, or afford a home next to the crashing waves. What I can do is to figure out what it is about nature and the outdoors I love most, and find some small ways to incorporate that into my daily life.

1. Plants and foliage. Maybe watching leaving gently swaying out your window allows you to breathe more deeply. Maybe cacti and sand is therapeutic. Or maybe the scent of hydrangeas lights up your brain cells. Even in the tiniest city apartment you can find ways to use container plants, an indoor potted plant, or a line of small cacti along your window sill to help connect you with nature.

2. Seating for one. OK, you might want some cozy space for two people to enjoy whatever bit of nature is visible from your current venue. If the only thing you’ve got going on is a breathtaking sunrise, place a porch swing in the best viewing place. Maybe your porch or back yard offers a view of some woods or simply a bit of solitude. Try those beach inspired, wooden, Adirondack chairs. The low seating and optional footrests almost insist on relaxation and bring thought of ocean side enjoyment.

3. Bird and Bees. No, I mean the real birds and bees! Try setting out a bird feeder to invite some of nature’s ambassadors to your home. If you really are against trying to attract bees, how about some butterflies? Certain plants are very attractive to these winged beauties.

At the end of the day, your ability to function in the real work is directly connected to how well you are able to unwind, relax and put things in perspective. So, go ahead and plan for a trek along the Long Trail of the Northeast. Gear up for a cross country bike riding expedition in the western mountain trails. Or maybe make plans to visit the wild horses on Georgia’s Cumberland Island.

Until you get there, make sure to find some way to stay connected to the outdoor life. For many of us, it’s what makes the rest of life shine.

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